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Record Castle Grading Standards

    Sealed (SS)
  Near Mint (NM)
  Excellent (EX)
  Very Good Plus (VG+)
  Very Good (VG)
  Good Plus (G+)
  Good (G)
  Fair to Poor (FP)


Detailed Description for Vinyls

Cover graded first / Vinyl graded second

Sealed (ss)
   Self-explanatory. Some record companies in the 60's sealed the disc in a plastic inner bag but not the record jacket. These are graded jacket=(as appropriate) / disc="sealed." For instance a VG+ jacket and sealed disc would be: VG++/sealed. Otherwise, a sealed item has only one grade.

Near Mint (NM)
   This is the highest grade used by Record Castle for an unsealed item. "Mint" is not used as a grade because, without a microscope and 40 minutes of inspection per record, perfection cannot be verified to everyone's satisfaction. Near Mint ranges from a record appearing unused, to an item that may have been used, but is without a notable cosmetic defect as evidence of that use.

Excellent (EX)
   This grade refers to an attractive, fresh-in-appearance item that, upon closer inspection, has been disqualified from the NM category due to (usually) one flaw that could not be overlooked.

Very Good Plus (VG+)
   This is the broadest grade serving as a catch-all for any decent, presentable, average, usable (not marred or defective) item. People ordering VG+ items usually are prepared to accept an imperfect item representing the artifact that it is, and are going to enjoy it without being excessively preoccupied with cosmetic details. VG+ is a fine copy that is indisputably "used", being your basic "decent used record" for utilitarian purposes. 

Very Good (VG)
   This is the beginning of "rough" for collector's purposes. A VG record is usually one that a collector will buy to fill a "hole" in his/her library until a better    copy comes along. We usually don't advertise items with either VG covers or discs unless they are deemed scarce enough to attract a collector for this purpose.

Good Plus (G+)
   Averaged between VG and G, Good (G)
   Items graded "good" are very used and only presentable to the least discriminating record hunter. This classification is usually employed for jackets when it's the disc that's worth collecting, and vice-versa; or when the component in question is very rare and still a COLLECTIBLE item.

Fair to Poor (FP)
   Extremely bad condition

CODES USED IN COMMENTS (shown for items VG+ or better):

chp/cchp: edge chip/center hole chip
ct: cover tear
cr: crack
cc/coh: cut-out/cut corner
dsh: dish warp 
lt: label tear
nc: no cover
nol: number on label
sk: skip
sm.splt/sp: seam split 
soc: sticker on cover
sobr: sticker on back cover
sol: sticker on label 
sw: shrink wrap
ts: taped seam
tpc: tape on cover
wrp: warp
wobc: writing on back cover
woc: writing on front cover
wol: writing on label
xol: X on label


Detailed Description for Posters / Paper goods

Near Mint (NM)
Perfect condition - no flaws

Excellent (EX)
   Beautiful condition - almost new - may have slight fading, light bends or corner dings. NO holes.

Very Good (VG+)
   A nice item with light wear - may have a light crease or a few clean tack holes


Very Good (VG)

   A vintage item in decent shape but shows it's age - may have folds / stains / multiple tack holes / chipped edges

Good (G)
   Severe damage - but is listed as it's a rare item

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